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Graoumf Is Not So Damn Slow

GINSDS is a small utility to replay Graoumf Tracker music modules. The original name was "Graoumf Is Damn Slow", but since Earx / FUN optimized and debugged the replayer to insane proportions, a name change was in good place.

This player was created due to lack of any player for Graoumf Tracker files. It has a text-only interface, so it will run nicely from textshells and MiNT virtual consoles.

Graoumf Tracker modules can use 32 channels with a 16bit sample on each. It have panning on each channel and a mixing quality of 49.1 kHz at 16bit stereo. Modules with very much channels and intense use of special commands might overflow CPU on standard 16 MHz machines, so lower mixing qualities can be set as well.

screenshot To the right you can see a screenshot of the program (click on the image for a fullsized picture). It is running in FreeMiNT v1.16 with TosWin 2.6 terminal emulator and Thing Desktop.

GINSDS needs a Falcon to work, and 1mb memory. More memory is strongly recomended for larger modules. The player supports FastRam which increses replayspeed a bit.

GINSDS v1.2 released
    v1.2 changes:
  • Player reported wrong version, fixed.
  • Quiet mode added.
  • Re-ordered output of some infos.
  • Multiple replay frequencies via commandline.
    v1.1 changes:
  • Number of channels display bugfixed, often displayed the wrong value before.
  • Number of positions display added.
  • Number of patterns display added.
Download GINSDS v1.2 together with assembler sourcecode (August 11, 2001)

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Get the original tracker at DHS

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August 11, 2001
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