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Atari demoscene news
Outline 2014 April 1st, 2014
Havoc writes:

Outline is back once again! We're going were no Atari party has gone before, and that is beyond 10 consecutive yearly events. The party once again takes place at the premises of Kampeerboerderij W'tjewel in lovely Eersel, Holland. We'll have compos running on real hardware, just like last year, plenty of Atari related acts and hopefully some cool entries in the compos like in the previous decade that we served the Atari demoscene. In addition to that, the weather will be awesome because it's almost June when the party takes place, which is a virtual guarantee for a ton of fun outside the hall and on the football field. The food ticket we introduced last year is back due to popular demand, so if you like good food for a decent price, make sure to buy it along with your entry ticket. Is there any reason not to go? We can't think of it for sure, and hopefully you'll agree so we can say: "See you in Eersel, May 29th to June 1st" !

More info, registration and ticket purchase information can be found at
Keep an eye on the site, we only just released it and it will be expanded quite a bit in the oncoming days/weeks (public visitor list is a top priority so don't worry, we will show you who else is going- soon!).

SNDH Archive v4.3 January 24th, 2014
Grazey writes:

303 new/updated SNDH files (607 subtunes).

Here are some YM delights to brighten up the dark January nights. Slightly different from the norm, yes we still have some tasty new tunes including exclusives, however we also have a massive amount of fixes, many of which are by Ben of The Overlanders. A more detailed account of this work can be found at the SNDH Blog.

Highlights >

+ All the tunes from Sillyventure 2013 including 505's ginormous Relix demo!
+ Some uber rare un-released tunes by Jess of OVR
+ An extended version of Furax's EQX Virtual Escape theme
+ The two Big Alec digi drum tunes from Punish Your Machine finally SNDH'D

BadMooD alpha-version released for Falcon January 17th, 2014
DML writes:

BadMooD - playable 'alpha' release is available!

Requirements are in the README, but a 'stock' Falcon030 with 14MB and some HD space is what you'll need.

There are detailed release notes in the archive, and I feel all of them are important (particularly, if you don't want to be annoyed by something which has an explanation, or can be reconfigured). There are a few things in this area so please take the time to read the notes if you really want to get the best experience out of the existing build. At the very least, read the parts about controls, performance and displays. The rest can be dug through whenever...

Put simply: RTFM ;-)

There is a bug tracker linked from the site with anonymous/guest login for reporting bad stuff. It hasn't been well tested, but we'll fix things if it doesn't work for you.

Now I can take a bit of a break while the endless heap of bugs piles up :-)

Greetz to all


UPDATE 2014-01-23:
BadMooD Alpha release 2 with Jagpad support and bugfixes, download below.

Fujiology Archive V1.0 is OUT! January 1st, 2014
Lotek Style writes:

TSCC is extremely proud to present you the biggest Atari Demo Scene archive
there is... entitled: Fujiology. Based on the ashes of the No Fragments CD-series
we gathered together as many Atari Scene releases we could find. The archive
was compiled by yours truly (Lotek Style) mostly during the year 2013.

The archive features 4 sections. The main section features releases for the
Atari ST (11.280 Files). Then there are bonus sections for TT (16 Files),
MAGS (3.021 Files), JAGUAR (471 Files) and FALCON (1.247 Files). Further
sections are planned to be included in future updates.

If you find any bugs or have missing files (marked yellow in the database) don't
hesitate to contact me.

Share and enjoy!

Lotek Style / The Sirius Cybernetics Corp.
1st of January 2014

Final demo from SIllyventure 2013 December 28th, 2013
Paradox just released what we think is the last missing one from Sillyventure 2013 - It's a girl 2.

It's an STe-demo to celebrate the birth of Ida, 505's daughter. Coding by Paranoid and RA, graphics by Dan and zik by Dma-Sc.
gwEm/PHF releases new version of STj November 29th, 2013
gwEm/PHF writes:

The new version of STj was ready for release at SillyVenture, but in the end I decided to delay it since there was not time prepare and give a presentation at the party.

The main features of the new release are around hard disk support. The DJ can now select 260 tracks spread over 10 directories without a screen. If anyone is looking for an alternative to increasingly unreliable floppy disk live, this could be an option.

Sillyventure releases catchup 2 November 15th, 2013
Phew what a week. Lots of new Atari stuff to be happy about. Here's a quick wrap-up since the last message.

Return by Hemoroids
Some of you have probably noticed that Hemoroids have started releasing javascript demos in the last few months so this return might not be a huge surprise. Anyhow it's a very decent STe 96k intro, classic Hemoroids style with some pleasant returns from older demos as well as some new stuff.

STrange roboTS by BLaBla
Wow! Cyg have developed his truecolour displayer even further. This time skipping overscan but adding what looks like higher granularity instead. Better colours, not so scary theme (them clowns scare the shit out of me) and a heavy soundtrack by 505. Cool demo.

Unreversable by MEC
An Atari XL/XE crew that goes ST for the first time. They do it in a different way than most by using text-mode graphics in med-res. At a first glance it sure strikes as very different.

FirSTro by Lamers
With a first Falcon release from Lamers earlier this fall, they are now also debuting on the ST with an intro by maciekm, wieczr, at0m and gepard.

Console stuff!
Some very cool things were released on Atari consoles. The VCS/2600 winner demo is probably the best one ever made for the system, likewise for Checkpoints Jaguar demo which shows much more advanced 3D than previously seen (marching cubes) on the system.

No polish Atari event without the 8-bitters making some amazing stuff. Noice doing a comeback on the XL/XE with a great effort, graphics music, design everything top-level. But then came the Lamers to spoil the party for the swedes. A big thematic demo with great effects, graphics and music, also showcasing one of those cool Censor Designs since-scrollers on the XL.

Noteworthy winner is another new Falcon game by Dune. It's called 'Racer' and yes you got it, it's a racing game with three different game modes, described by Thadoss himself: 1. a "pole position" like race 2. a "drive wrong way" race 3. a "lotus like" or "outrun like" race

So, the download section for Sillyventure is filling up nicely. We're still short of a lot of graphics, music and more notably Falcon demo releases. Hopefully they'll show up sooner or later.

Sillyventure demos first batch November 11th, 2013
Ok, so demos have begun to come in, first up we have six of them:

Second Reality 2013 by Checkpoint
This is a big big demo which faithfully reproduces the orignal PC-demo from 1993. Coding by Defjam and lsl, graphics by mOdmate, music by Dma-Sc and mOdmate and 3D-modelling by Pandur.

Elefantastic by Genesis Project
A surprise for sure. Genesis Projects first demo on Atari. It has a nice theme with good animated graphics. Code by Shadow, graphics by Mermaid, music by MCH and Mermaid.

One Trick Pony by Rave Network Overscan
A great 4k intro for the ST. Many effects, original music and even some graphics. Code and music by Britelite, graphics by Bracket.

Monogatari by Cerebral Vortex
Wow! The first big hi-res monochrome demo. Previously we've seen single screens on some mega demos, but this is something else. Code+graphics by Orion_ and Templeton, music by 505.

Fujiology by .tSCc.
The second prod from .tSCc.'s new coder Insane. This time it's a much more ambitious production with several parts that presents the forthcoming ST demo collection from Lotek Style. Coding by Insane, graphics and music by Lotek Style, graphics by Bracket and even more graphics by Ukko.

Spkr2 by Spkr
Almost a brand new coder from The Netherlands, it's Spkr's second demo and this time he's left C behind to code the entire thing in Assembler, it shows. A much improved demo since the last time. Code by Spkr and music by Tyan.

All these demos are available from the download page, most have a video recording available as well - we will complete the video recordings later for those missing.
505 releases massive music demo at Sillyventure November 10th, 2013
Five-o-Five is back with a new chip music release that features unreleased material from the mid-1990's up until today.

No less than 107 (!) original and previously unreleased tunes in one demo. Using a variety of trackers the trained YM-ear will hear the familiar sounds of maxYMiser, Music Mon, Triplex, Sidsound Designer, Magic Synth and Insigina Trisound.

Played from start to finish using the Auto Play mode will leave you with over three hours of music before it repeats.
Mag! Issue 2 November 9th, 2013
CiH writes:

Live from Sillyventure, from the fingers of Atari fun lovers, another issue of Mag! springs forth.

We're back, we did not learn from the last time. Issue 2 of Mag! is out now. More articles, more surprises, and Bill Gates is our cut-price sex-slave!

Read, enjoy!

CiH 9/11/13

SV2k13 invitro for the Falcon has been released ! November 4th, 2013
Grey writes:

It's the last 4th invitation intro by Lamers & Mystic Bytes for the forthcoming Silly Venture 2k13 ATARI party in Poland - this time for the standard Falcon030 with 4MB of RAM.

SV2k13 takes place from 8th to 11th day of November 2013 (Friday - Monday). Everyone is more than welcome to send his remote entry for all Atari compos using BOTH e-mail addresses, which are:


The deadline for msx/gfx and game is midnight of 8th November (Friday) and midnight of 9th November (Saturday) for intro/demo and wild entries.

Get ready for true Atari spirit ! :)

Reservoir Gods release Sillytro for Atari STe ! October 24th, 2013
Grey writes:

Reservoir Gods released an another invitro for the forthcoming Silly Venture 2k13 party in Gdansk/POLAND.
After 64-bit Jaguar & 8-bit Atari it's time for the 16-bit Atari STe ! This one requires 1MB of RAM.
Code, msx by Damo/Mad Max, Gfx by Damo/Piesiu.

N-joy invitro and feel the party vibe !

Organiser of the party would like to remind, that SV2k13 takes place from 8th to 11th day of November 2013
(Friday - Monday) And please can you send remote entries for all Atari compos using BOTH e-mail addresses,
which are:


I will confirm every entry sent to BOTH mails. The deadline for msx/gfx and game is midnight of 8th November
(Friday) and midnight of 9th November (Saturday) for intro/game and wild entries.

More news about SV2k13 will follow soon.

Sync returns with STe-fixed screens September 7th, 2013
A little out of the blue, Troed of Sync released a demo menu called 'The LoSTE screens'. It consists of STe-fixes of their SNYD2 and So Watt fullscreen demos.

Apart from the fixed classics, there is a newly coded menu with the very latest state-of-the-art 3+1 scanline syncscrolling.
SNDH Archive v4.2 ready for download September 2nd, 2013
Grazey writes:

256 new/updated SNDH files (482 sub-tunes).

A new update is upon us. This is a mixed bag really containing tunes
from both ends of the quality spectrum.

Highlights includes : -

+ Thalion Sound Demo digital tunes
+ 18 tunes from a new musician called Xyno
+ A major update of tunes by Scottish Quartet composer - Roggie

More information can be found in the SNDH blog which I'll update very soon.

New invite intro from Checkpoint August 18th, 2013
Checkpoint released a new Atari ST 64k-intro at Evoke last night.
It's an invite for Morphonic Lab 12, that will be held in Dresden later this year.

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