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Sillyventure 2014
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Atari demoscene news
Checkpoint releases new Jaguar demo August 10th, 2014
A bit unexpected, Checkpoint entered the Evoke demo competition with a Jaguar entry. It's an invite for the Morphonic Lab 13 later in the autumn and is a quite long invitation with numerous effects.

Code by lsl, music by balog, graphics by mOdmate, 3D-graphics by Excellence in Art and more.

Checkpoint tells us tu run it on a real Jaguar or it will run at very wrong speeds. The video capture is correct and from the real deal (thanks to SH3/Reservoir Gods).
Silly Venture 2014 Falcon invite released July 10th, 2014
This came as a bit of a surprise. Dune just released a new Falcon invitation for the forthcoming Silly Venture 2014 party.

With Mic doing the graphics, things are unlikely to go wrong. And no change this time around, great pixels all around together with code by Thadoss and a streaming soundtrack by Dma-Sc.

July 25, 2014 UPDATE

Thadoss released a new version of the intro. It now features the correct soundtrack as well as smoother scrollings and fading. It will also work on 060 machines.
New ST intro from Vulkteamet July 7th, 2014
A short notice about Vulkteamet that once again released an ST-intro at Hackerence summer.

This time around it's a one-man-show with everything being created by Blind-io.
SNDH archive v4.4 released July 2nd, 2014
To coincide with Sommarhack we update the SNDH archive to v4.4.

This release has a very Dutch theme, mainly due to Lowlife of Hotline
stumbling over some long lost musical goodies. Thanks to him you will find
very rare tunes by Scavenger, ISO, Dr Beat, ENS and EVE. Continuing the Dutch
mood we finally complete the Lotus collection with all the tunes from the
Synth Dream 2 demo.

Sommarhack releases up! June 29th, 2014
Just a quickie to inform you all that all the Sommarhack 2014 contributions are now online.

- Six songs (where three are ACE Tracker)
- Four pictures
- Four demos/intros

All of the entries have recordings so everyone can enjoy.

We'd like to thank everyone who visited this years Sommarhack. We had people coming from six different countries with only 25 participants total, you guys rock! Weather could have been better. Actually A LOT better. But rain and cold = more Atari, so we shouldn't complain :) See you again next year!

ACE Tracker v2.00 released June 27th, 2014
After quite some time, ACE Tracker was updated to version 2.00 today. Plenty of new features, some of them are (copy/paste from New Beats website):

* Triangle wave
* Trisaw wave
* High Pass, band pass and band stop filters implemented
* Filter disable implemented
* Square transformator added to oscillator 1
* Sawtooth sub oscillators added to both osc. 1 and 2
* Hard sync mix mode implemented
* Possibility to disable reverb and delay (or output 3/4) per patch
* Two new source oscillators in F.M. mix mode
* Amplifier with or without limiting. Can be used for distortion effect
* Improved .WAV support
* Increased maximum number of samples to 256
* New tracker commands

The Lost Boys back at Outline?! June 1st, 2014
So as you know, Outline 2014 have been going over the weekend.
As usual we try to collect the Atari releases made at the compos and around.

First up we have something rather huge. Remember back in the early 90's after the Oh Crikey demo was released, many thought the main menu would be awesome as a game. Years passed by and all those ideas faded away. Until now. It would seem that The Lost Boys actually were working on a game using that very code base.

GGN, Grazey and the guys have managed resurrected what was made of the game and put it together for release. There is also a level editor included. The actual game play still needs some work, and with some luck we might see updated/fixed versions later on. But for now, check what could have been back in the day.

Other than that, DHS released a small invitation intro for Sommarhack 2014 and there are a bunch of images and ziks as well.

As per usual, we will host a download page and update it when new files arrive.
Atari STe invite for Sillyventure May 13th, 2014
And the beat goes on.

Ukko, tOmy and gwEm are at it with a new Atari STe invitation for Sillyventure 2014.

Nice, quick and colourful screens with the necessary party infos.
Sillyventure 2014 invitation for Atari XL May 9th, 2014
Grey writes:

It's to time to gather interest of 8-bit Atari scene for Silly Venture 2k14!
Today has been released the 1st official (and really SILLY) invitro directed to this community!

Requirements: Atari XL/XE, PAL, 128 KB RAM (minimum)

Code by OxF
Noise reduction (samples) by X-Ray

Outline 2014 April 1st, 2014
Havoc writes:

Outline is back once again! We're going were no Atari party has gone before, and that is beyond 10 consecutive yearly events. The party once again takes place at the premises of Kampeerboerderij W'tjewel in lovely Eersel, Holland. We'll have compos running on real hardware, just like last year, plenty of Atari related acts and hopefully some cool entries in the compos like in the previous decade that we served the Atari demoscene. In addition to that, the weather will be awesome because it's almost June when the party takes place, which is a virtual guarantee for a ton of fun outside the hall and on the football field. The food ticket we introduced last year is back due to popular demand, so if you like good food for a decent price, make sure to buy it along with your entry ticket. Is there any reason not to go? We can't think of it for sure, and hopefully you'll agree so we can say: "See you in Eersel, May 29th to June 1st" !

More info, registration and ticket purchase information can be found at
Keep an eye on the site, we only just released it and it will be expanded quite a bit in the oncoming days/weeks (public visitor list is a top priority so don't worry, we will show you who else is going- soon!).


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