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Nordlicht 2016

Sommarhack 2016

Sillyventure 2016
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Atari demoscene news
New Atari released from VIP 2016 June 16th, 2016
The releases from last weekends Very Important Party (organised by Popsy Team) are here.

There are four Atari demos released; two on the ST, one for STe and one for Atari VCS/2600.
Check out the Demozoo page for downloads or VideoDB for having a quick look at video recordings of the ST/STe stuff.

Additionally, Tomchi won first prize in the 4-channel tracked compo with a three channel ST track, contratulations!
Silly Venture 2k16 - another invitro for Atari XL/XE is released May 24th, 2016
Grey writes:

Shortly after the invitro for the standard Atari XL/XE is recently released at Outline, here comes another intro!

This time it's targeted for the powered Atari 8-bit machine with the VBXE video board.

Short credits: Code by TeBe, logo by mOOnie, music by Wiecz0r and scrolltext by Grey.

Trionoids Falcon game May 19th, 2016
Matt Lacey (from down under) released a new game for the Falcon a couple of days ago.

Here's a short description from his Github page:

First release of Trionoids!

This is a Columns clone for the Atari Falcon running in VGA true colour mode at 60FPS. Play with the joystick or cursor keys + space bar.

Rise of the demoscene May 7th, 2016
As you may have heard, there has been talks about a new Atari ST demoscene book.

The book, now known as 'The Atari ST and the creative people - The Anthology' will be divided into three full books, and split up as follows

* 1986-1990 - Rise of the demoscene
* 1991-1994 - Doom of the demoscene
* 1994 beyond - Return of the demoscene

The Kickstarter campaign for the first book has just opened up, and will be active until sixth of June, 2016.
Outline 2016 releases May 7th, 2016
The 2016 edition of Outline is currently under way, and a few Atari-related releases have popped up.

As per usual, check the Demozoo page for Outline 2016 to get the goodies or check out the videos from VideoDB.
SaboTagE from Paradox is out March 14th, 2016
Early monday morning Paradox released their long awaited STe demo called SaboTagE.

The demo will run on any STe with 2MB or more and a 60Hz capable screen. Lots of parts, much graphics, excellent 505 soundtrack and more awaits you in this STe treat.
Old demo screen restored and released February 15th, 2016
Grazey and Cronos writes:

Originally created on the 10th of July in 1988 but finally released in 2016.
Bug-fixing, rasters by Grazey/PHF. Updated scroller by Cronos and updated GFX by Skaven.

Officially released on the anniversary date of the death of Holger Gehrmann. Press keys F1-F10 for music, 1-5 for scroller FX and space to pause the scroller.

Outline 2016 announcement January 24th, 2016
Havoc writes:

For the 13th time in succession, the Atari party where other platforms are also welcome returns to Willemsoord during Ascension day weekend 2016. Competitions tailor made for Atari systems, music performances, affordable food and drink, cheap travel options, and more duct tape and PUR foam solutions than any demoparty known to mankind is what you can and should expect. Come as a friend, and leave as a part of the family!


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