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Marcers Game DVD by Templeton (Scene Before)

Marcers Game DVD
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Atari ST Wallpaper Ballscroller Stax Interference Stax Intro Stax Marcers Game DVD Scene Before
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Image data

Title:Marcers Game DVD
Prod:Scene Before
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW

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Zweckform (2009-01-01) Report as spam/crap
Nice title.

vlg (2009-01-02) Report as spam/crap

Templeton (2009-01-02) Report as spam/crap
Evil?! You are a incredibly fast (super)man! Thank you for having posted the original version! ;) There are 40 characters only, because the delay to realize the pic was too short... So... guys... Sorry if I forgot your favorite character on atari computer! :D

RA/pdx (2009-01-07) Report as spam/crap
nice and i couldnīt believe that there are just 16 colors - it looks so colorfull

Dan (2009-04-07) Report as spam/crap
A masterpiece with 16 colors!! The choosing of the palette must have been a real challenge. You are CRAZY... but COOL.


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