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Paradehn by Zweckform (Pacemaker)

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22 thumbnails from Zweckform (artist)


Image data

Machine:Atari STe
Used colours:10
Display technique:ST-LOW
Software used:Deluxe Paint ST
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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Zweckform (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
This only has actually 8 colour inlcluding background it needs, but there is a pixel with a 9th colour i did see back then. The logo is based on a simple arc done with the circle function. Then the shape of the letters was done.

evil (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
I have rechecked it, there are ten colours used here. Both Gimp and Photoshop agrees and the upload script of course.

Zweckform (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Its true the picture above has 10 colours. But the picture i got in Dpaint ST has 8/9 colours (as stated above).


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