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Naos #1 by Atm (Punish Your Machine)

Naos #1
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9 thumbnails from Punish Your Machine (production)


Image data

Title:Naos #1
Prod:Punish Your Machine
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:15
Display technique:ST-LOW
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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505 (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Always liked this one due to its adventure-mood, also I think those balls are well drawn

Zweckform (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Nice stuff. He seemed to have mirrored the character to save time.

505 (2008-12-31) Report as spam/crap
Ermm.. with balls I meant those green elements on the clothing.. just to sort this out beforehand ;)

mic (2011-04-28) Report as spam/crap
One of the highlights of the PYM. A shame the demo screen it introduced was pretty bland.


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