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Fantasia Title by Mic (Fantasia)

Fantasia Title
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Fantaisa Dune Logo Fantasia Credits Fantasia Sector One Fantasia Title Hi! Inner Machinery This Is Newschool What A Dist
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Image data

Title:Fantasia Title
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:42
Display technique:Raster splits
Software used:Neochrome Master
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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mic (2008-12-24) Report as spam/crap
A pretty standard picture with rasters. The composition is pretty basic, quite linear, which made the use of rasters quite easy.

Zweckform (2008-12-24) Report as spam/crap
I like it very much. Its style inspired me to do "Badetag".

evil (2008-12-24) Report as spam/crap
I really dig these raster-split pics by Mic and Babar, they feel "cleaner" than most spec 512 yet still very colourful.

505 (2008-12-26) Report as spam/crap
"A pretty standard picture with rasters", Mic - you are living on anoter planet ;) I really love this one, both the elements as well as the colorfulness, really a huge enjoyment!

vlg (2008-12-26) Report as spam/crap
i agree, Mic is too shy ;) His pixels are simply great. So much colourful so much fresh.

RA/pdx (2008-12-29) Report as spam/crap
Really nice and one of the rare pictures which use rasters.

vlg (2008-12-29) Report as spam/crap
For ST this looks extraordinary. I wish it could be standard.

Templeton (2009-03-17) Report as spam/crap
Beautiful shades in the colors and textures are very nice, j'adore!

Dma-Sc (2011-02-19) Report as spam/crap
Total success on rasters tweaking here. The resulting large shades on such a blasting "plastic-y" colours choice is just ace. But I find the Fantasia logo itself not really great enough compared to the global result.

Hylst (2012-12-16) Report as spam/crap
Nice use of rasters & good texture light source / rendering !

Mic, U RoCks !


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