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Landscape by Tobias Richter (The Fantastic Art Of Tobias Richter)

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Birds Of Prey Checkerboard Landscape Satellite Space City Space Dock Space Station
7 thumbnails from Tobias Richter (artist)


Image data

Artist:Tobias Richter
Prod:The Fantastic Art Of Tobias Richter
Machine:Atari STe
Used colours:748
Display technique:Fullscreen + sideways raster splits

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trophy (2014-08-03) Report as spam/crap
I love such pictures... Good old SF where imagination has to work. I guess it wasn't painted pixel by pixel, but rather composed out of scanned images and some post processing? Am I right? Anyway, very nice.

mic (2014-08-16) Report as spam/crap
Actually these pictures were rendered on amiga around 1990 by the very talented Tobias Ritcher. Most likely he used software like real 3d and vistapro.

You should check the original amiga pictures with this demo:



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