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Ending Backgroud by Havoc (Outline 2007 Invite (Hurry))

Ending Backgroud
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Ending Backgroud
1 thumbnails from Outline 2007 Invite (Hurry) (production)


Image data

Title:Ending Backgroud
Prod:Outline 2007 Invite (Hurry)
Machine:Atari Falcon
Used colours:4
Display technique:Lowres 256 colours
Software used:Degas Elite

Bad infos?

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pea (2008-12-21) Report as spam/crap
nice, but not sh3!

evil (2008-12-21) Report as spam/crap
I'll change it to unknown then. BTW, there is a link just above for corrections :)

Carbon- (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
I was done by Havoc. I've got this on a T-Shirt at Outline.

earx (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
i think it was done by shifter and repixeled by havoc?

havoc (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
yep indeed, original picture (.eps) by shifter, 4col conversion by havoc

Zweckform (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Sorry, i only like the bee here.


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