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Small Is Beautiful by Exocet (Odd Stuff)

Small Is Beautiful
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Image data

Title:Small Is Beautiful
Prod:Odd Stuff
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:15
Display technique:ST-LOW
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod

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mic (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Love this picture with Exocet's unique style.

Zweckform (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Strange enough i feel this is too brutal.

RA/pdx (2008-12-30) Report as spam/crap
Really nice style and technique - but i miss the 16. color with a dark brown to make a better shading to black (mouth of the rabbit and the chair legs).

vlg (2008-12-31) Report as spam/crap
from my point of view its just perfect, P E R F E C T 16 colors, if every production would have such pics...

505 (2008-12-31) Report as spam/crap
Yeah the brutality comes unexpected, but that is what it makes special imho.. great painting

Templeton (2009-03-17) Report as spam/crap
I love this exocet style ! Gentleness and violence! :O

PeP (2009-08-09) Report as spam/crap
I love this piece!


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