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Exile by Nova (20 Years)

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1985 20 Year Ago 20 Year Ago Atari Legend Logo Atari ST forver! Bonzai DHS Book Bou Cake Castle 2 DHS Contest DHS Online Compo 2005 Donald Fakk Is Back Exile Feel The Atari Power Fujibaby King Kong Marcer Background Marcer Logo Nolan Paradox Logo Pixels Pixels Please Wait A Moment Schmx AWP ST 20 Years ST Martial Arts Trip One Trip Three Trip Two Zak
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Image data

Prod:20 Years
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:15
Display technique:ST-LOW

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Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize (2008-12-21) Report as spam/crap
That's a very stylish picture that I enjoyed a lot in the graphics part of the 20years megademo!

evil (2008-12-21) Report as spam/crap
Excellent image indeed, it would most likely have been ranked high in the compo, but was too late for the deadline.

RA/pdx (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
One of the best ST pictures!

bear/CVSD (2008-12-22) Report as spam/crap
So good it hurts! :)

505 (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
Mic is a pixel-God.. This looks so great!

Zweckform (2008-12-23) Report as spam/crap
It should be forbidden to pixel in such a quality, as long as i am that far from it. Great.


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