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Thalion logo by ES (Chambers Of Shaolin)

Thalion logo
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Thalion logo
1 thumbnails from Chambers Of Shaolin (production)


Image data

Title:Thalion logo
Prod:Chambers Of Shaolin
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:42
Display technique:Raster splits

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Zweckform (2009-01-12) Report as spam/crap
This logo is one of the best ever for me.

RA/pdx (2009-01-12) Report as spam/crap
Really nice company logo and intro! Memories...

Gerry (2011-09-15) Report as spam/crap
I hope you don't mind a little advertisment: Some months ago I did some research about the Thalion logo and got in contact with its designer. For those who understand the German language, here is the report:


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