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Sommarhack 2019
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Look by Ukko (Fujiology)

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6 thumbnails from Fujiology (production)


Image data

Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:14
Display technique:ST-LOW
VideoDB:Watch a video of this prod
Additional information:Sillyventure 2013

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Mic (2013-11-12) Report as spam/crap
Great pic and excellent palette imo!

Hylst (2013-11-12) Report as spam/crap
Good Work Ukko ! :) Good lightsource. No so much details or dithering, just enough ! I'm always frightened making one colour so big areas, but the result is here. I have so much to lea
and i'm lea
ing now :)


Exocet (2013-11-12) Report as spam/crap
Really good work! I really like that kind of dithering obviously :)
I like the contrast between the Art Nouveau vibe on the left and the more mode
city on the right. Nice colourful clouds as well!

Ukko (2013-11-12) Report as spam/crap
Exocet, the palette is partly ripped from your last outline pic ;)

Exocet (2013-11-12) Report as spam/crap
Nice colours indeed! ;) They work really well with the girl. Funnily enough, I also did a Art Nouveau girl in profile for the interface of one of the YM-Rockerz music-disks a few years ago. I couldn't get anything good out of it so I gave up after a while. Yours look much better :)

Templeton (2013-11-14) Report as spam/crap
Cloud or polution :D
Very nice atmosphere! Good work!


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