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Mother struggling for her children by Hylst

Mother struggling for her children
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Dragocho Mangachick Mother struggling for her children No Extra Crime Reheat Vectorballs Background
6 thumbnails from Hylst (artist)


Image data

Title:Mother struggling for her children
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW
Software used:Crackart, Synthetic Arts, Grafx2



Dma-Sc (2013-11-11)  
Great palette and dithering!

Exocet (2013-11-12)  
Good to see Hylst back to pixelling!

Hylst (2013-11-13)  
Good to see that you're still so active Exocet. So sorry for finishing whole Japemo. I've revisited most screens, and i have a track to follow which may make it possible to run screens from the main menu. I couldn't let unused the so nice gfx you've done for it.

Idem for Soundchip disk. A more compatible protracker replay rout in gfa i have to try again. I'm only back to pixelling, demo (and recently music) since 3 years. Trying to finish old prods and start newer / better ones =D

Templeton (2013-11-14)  
Hey nice one, I like it! Much detail, it's a courageous work, great!

Hylst (2016-03-18)  
Thanks Dma sc :) Templeton :)

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