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Jag_Love_Nyancat! by Templeton

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Image data

Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW
Software used:Photoshop + Deluxe Paint ST
Additional information:Sillyventure 2013



Mic (2013-11-11)  

Dma-Sc (2013-11-11)  
Superb! And a totally original composition!

Hylst (2013-11-11)  
I like this one ! No too much details, just enough for this original and colourful piece of pixels !

Well done !

Orion_ (2013-11-11)  
Poor nyan cat :( I really like the "round" shape of the drawing, also the color gradient of the Jag is warm and beautiful !

GT Turbo (2013-11-11)  
this f... nyancat is dead what else ? :D

Bear (2013-11-11)  

Exocet (2013-11-12)  
Great idea, drawing and colours! :)

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