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Monstrous River by Piesiu

Monstrous River
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Image data

Title:Monstrous River
Machine:Atari ST
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW
Software used:Grafx2 + Crackart
Additional information:Sillyventure 2011 compo

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evil (2011-11-16) Report as spam/crap
That's pure awesomeness.

Ukko (2011-11-16) Report as spam/crap
I just love this pic, a pure masterpiece!

Dma-Sc (2011-11-17) Report as spam/crap
Indeed a great piece of art! :O

Hylst (2011-11-18) Report as spam/crap
Excellent piece of pixel art ! Oo

RA/pdx (2011-11-21) Report as spam/crap
I really like it!

dan/pdx (2011-11-26) Report as spam/crap
Left me speechless. Great work on palette, shapes, dithering, composition...


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