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Concordia Vita by Piesiu

Concordia Vita
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Image data

Title:Concordia Vita
Machine:Atari Falcon
Used colours:248
Display technique:Hires 256 colours
Additional information:Sillyventure 2010 compo



dan (2010-12-19)  
An extraordinary piece of art. I wonder how it was done.... While some parts seem to be "pixel-by-pixel", other parts look like a paint over (with a tablet). The amount of detail is stunning. The color composition looks weird in some places, but the overall impression is cool. Very well done! Hi Piesiu, could you tell us, which tools you used?

Hylst (2011-11-18)  
Agree with Dan comments ! Awesome !! Piesiu : you're a master !

nativ (2012-01-01)  
The tooling looks like it was done in Rainbow 2, or possibly Chagall, It's a really nice piece of work and looks worthy of a true colour image rather than 248!

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