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Image data correction for No Monkey End by Carniva

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No Monkey End by Carniva (No Monkey)

No Monkey End
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No Monkey End
1 thumbnails from Carniva (artist)


Image data

Title:No Monkey End
Prod:No Monkey
Machine:Atari STe
Used colours:16
Display technique:ST-LOW

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Dma-Sc (2011-07-04) Report as spam/crap
Wow! Now that is professional game pixeling, it looks quite like mode
SNK/Playmore pixel style.

Shazz (2011-07-08) Report as spam/crap
Who is Ca
iva ?????????

dan (2011-07-08) Report as spam/crap
Looks like this piece of wonderful artwork by Larwick (Rust Mesa) on pixeljoint.

Ukko (2011-07-09) Report as spam/crap
You're true Dan, the background is the same, strange...

baah (2011-07-11) Report as spam/crap
The ape is nice, but quite different in style, so it's not sure it's from the same artist.

dan (2011-07-14) Report as spam/crap
@baah, itīs not the same artist.... check out these two pics: background - by Larwick: ape - by Ca
ivac: Both pixel-artists have a very cool and professional profile on pixeljoint.

baah (2011-07-18) Report as spam/crap
Thanks dan for the infos. I checked, both are credited, so that's cool.

C-Rem (2011-09-23) Report as spam/crap
Hi, i've done this mix of two pics coz they were almost done to be together when i saw them on pixel-joint My apologise if once again i've done something forbidden by the mighty Atari scene please dont blame Tomchi for this


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