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How to do the impossible - Split a file on Windows, and unsplit on Atari.
  1. Download arj.exe and copy it to the same directory as your big file you want to split.
  2. Open an MS-DOS shell, and change directory to the dir with the big file and arj.exe.
  3. Type into the MS-DOS shell:
    arj a -v1440 split.arj filename
    Filename = the file you want to split
    For a DD disk, use 720 instead of 1440
  4. Copy all split.arj, split.a01, split.a02 etc into floppys
  5. On the Atari:
    Copy all split.arj, split.a01, split.a02 etc into the same directory.
  6. Download unarj.ttp and copy it into the same directory on the Atari where the splitted files are located.
  7. Drop split.arj on the unarj.ttp icon, sit back and wait.
    If you have a very old TOS (<2.0) then you have to doubleclick the ttp and type the filename manually.
  8. You now have the unsplitted file on the Atari.
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