Covid 19 - How we're dealing with it
There have been several attempts at Pouet.Net to bring some general Covid-rules for demo parties. It's apparently a very infected (no pun intended) topic and several threads have had to be closed.

Instead of trying to solve this for everyone, we're just going to do what we think will work.

For Sommarhack 2022 this is our plan:
  1. If the situation is really bad, we're going to cancel again.
    The tickets will be valid for 2023 instead.

  2. If the situation is crappy so travel from abroad is not allowed or discouraged, we'll try to do a smaller Sommarhack for the registred Swedes.

  3. If things are looking pretty OK, Sommarhack 2022 will go on as planned. We will follow Swedish Covid rules and our recommendation is for all visitors to be vaccinated. But we're not going to be policing it.

If you are feeling the slightest bit sick, we urge you to stay at home, we'll refund your ticket even if you cancel in the last minute.