SARS-CoV-2 sucks.

But screw it, we're not going into a Netflix-coma.

Instead the Sommarhack demo, graphics, music and medres competitions will run as a streamed event. As long as we have the hardware, it will run live from real computers like it has always done at Sommarhack (with all quirks and mistakes it involves).

We're also extending the stream by having a themed demo show, seminar and a DJ-set. We hope that it will be an enjoyable Atari evening!

Everyone who have bought tickets for Sommarhack 2020 will have their ticket either refunded or made valid for Sommarhack 2021. Check your e-mail box for details. People who bought tickets will be eligable to vote in the compos as well as everyone who send in remote entries.

News updates
June 16, 2020
We've had numerous requests of adding a 256-byte intro compo. And after recieving enough entries we've created a separate compo for 256 bytes.
Competition page

June 14, 2020
Two guides of converting a photo to STMED Degas Elite PI2 images is available.
Check them out here

Contacting us
  Preliminary time table (CEST)
12:00 Deadline for all compos
15:00 Sommarhack 2020 stream warms up
16:00 Demoshow (theme to be announced)
17:30 New Beat tries a new ST monochrome game: Whack A Virus
18.00 Atariscene Quiz (can you beat Lotek Style?!)
18.30 Damo/RG introduces his new ST chiptracker called TTRAK
19.30 Atari YM2149F DJ-set by Crazy Q
21.00 Competitions
23.30 Competition results

Stream URL