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DHS.NU news article
Lineout announces Outline 2006 party October 2nd, 2005
Havoc of Lineout writes:
Outline is back!

The Outline team is currently in the process of making final arrangements for another edition of their party. As always, it will be held at a suitable location in the east of Holland and facilities and atmosphere will be similar to those at previous editions.

There are a few big changes too. First of all, the party is no longer organised during the Easter weekend. We are happy about this, and wish the organisers of Noise in Slovakia the best of luck for their follow-up in the Atari Easter tradition!

Second, we are aiming at a more diverse audience. Besides our friends from the Atari scene, we also expect a more significant number of visitors using other platforms, such as pc, C64, GBA, XBox, Amiga, etc.

What will remain the same for sure is the strong focus on the active scener's wishes. No commercialism, no LAN-gaming, nothing to worry about if you like a productive and friendly atmosphere. We hope you will join the experience!

Preliminary dates: Thursday, May 25 - Sunday, May 28
("Hemelvaart" or "Ascension" weekend)
Location: East of Holland - Details TBA

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