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Noise party updates October 2nd, 2005
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:
Hi girls and guys!

We've got some surprises for you.


We really enjoy visiting various demoparties and we like active sceners who also visit the same parties as we do. So, for this reason we decided to support this people who attended some of the our chosen party by LOWER ENTRANCE FEE!

We decided to offer lower entrance fee for all of you who attended (payed entrance fee) at these demoparties:

Outline 2005: 12 Euros (for keeping tradition)

QuaST Party 2005: 9 Euros (probably our most favorite party where we always meet the nicest people)

Forever 2e3 2006: 3 Euros (8-bit party where we meet the coolest Atari XE/XL, C64 and ZX maniacs)

As you can see the more present party you visit the lower entrance fee you get. Also please note if you want to visit both Forever and Noise you will pay FEWER money as at standalone visit of Noise party.

This privilege fee applies for one person and for all four days of Noise party duration.


ALL the money we'll get from entrance fee will be used for (and only for) PRIZES in the each competition where the division will look as follows:

Falcon compos: 40% of overall the sum (for the first place we guarant at least 100 Euros)

ST compos: 20% of the overall sum (for the first place we guarant at least 50 Euros)

XL/XE compos: 30% the of overall sum (for the first place we guarant at least 80 Euro)

WARNING! In the each competition will be ofcourse more prizes by our sponsors... and this is not the end, we've got some surprises still hidden... stay tuned...

Yours Noisy Team.

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