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Sillyventure demos first batch November 11th, 2013
Ok, so demos have begun to come in, first up we have six of them:

Second Reality 2013 by Checkpoint
This is a big big demo which faithfully reproduces the orignal PC-demo from 1993. Coding by Defjam and lsl, graphics by mOdmate, music by Dma-Sc and mOdmate and 3D-modelling by Pandur.

Elefantastic by Genesis Project
A surprise for sure. Genesis Projects first demo on Atari. It has a nice theme with good animated graphics. Code by Shadow, graphics by Mermaid, music by MCH and Mermaid.

One Trick Pony by Rave Network Overscan
A great 4k intro for the ST. Many effects, original music and even some graphics. Code and music by Britelite, graphics by Bracket.

Monogatari by Cerebral Vortex
Wow! The first big hi-res monochrome demo. Previously we've seen single screens on some mega demos, but this is something else. Code+graphics by Orion_ and Templeton, music by 505.

Fujiology by .tSCc.
The second prod from .tSCc.'s new coder Insane. This time it's a much more ambitious production with several parts that presents the forthcoming ST demo collection from Lotek Style. Coding by Insane, graphics and music by Lotek Style, graphics by Bracket and even more graphics by Ukko.

Spkr2 by Spkr
Almost a brand new coder from The Netherlands, it's Spkr's second demo and this time he's left C behind to code the entire thing in Assembler, it shows. A much improved demo since the last time. Code by Spkr and music by Tyan.

All these demos are available from the download page, most have a video recording available as well - we will complete the video recordings later for those missing.
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