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DHS.NU news article
.tSCc. releases Atari TT-conversion of Beams January 2nd, 2006
Ray writes:

As sort of a new year's gift i'm presenting you the TT conversion of our EIL III entry, the beams demo. i basically ported the demo to prove the TT's strength as compared to the standard falcon - despite requiring an additional c2p pass and lacking the fast blitter gouraud the demo still runs remarkably faster, especially the lipsync part. It seems the 32Mhz and the full 32bit bus do the job here - and of course to release something for an underrated and underfed platform ;).

Extra special thanks to DMA SC for doing an excellent job on the MP2->MOD conversion of the soundtrack and Lance for coding his fast and HiFi mod replayer (which is, however, not yet free of bugs so don't wonder about notes

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