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Sillyventure catch-up December 19th, 2012
With the craziness of productions arriving from Sillyventure, we've missed to mention a few them.

First up is a neat new music demo from Aggression featuring recent and new tunes by !Cube. The demo works on ST to Falcon 060 and is called 'Meet !Cube'. Music, code and font by !Cube himself and other graphics by Samurai.

Then we have a big STe demo by Cerebral Vortex called 'C++ Is Forbidden' with a lot of good graphics, catchy tunes and many effects. The demo goes on for a while with code/graphics by Orion_ and Templeton, the soundtracks are composed by Xyce.

Finally Paradize are back with a new game for the Falcon called 'Color Runner'. It's a puzzle game with colourful graphics and is mostly a one-man production by Cooper.
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