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DHS.NU news article
SNDH archive v3.4 released! October 2nd, 2012
Grazey writes:

73 new/updated SNDH files (84 tunes).

With Outline on the horizon we bring you a long overdue SNDH pack.

Quite a varied with pack with some lovely new tunes including compositions by XIA, DMA-SC and 505.

We've also updated some files with missing sub tunes, thanks to Pavel Puchala for the info!

Finally, Grazey found he'd criminally missed some Chris Mad tunes from the Overdrive Demo way back in the 90's, this has been rectified!

Expect a rather different release next time!

Remember if you'd like to comment, give bugs or suggest a tune you would like, please feel free to post to our forum.

Grazey-PHF / Evil-DHS

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