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DHS.NU news article
SNDH archive v3.3 released October 30th, 2011
Grazey of The Phsycho Hacking Force writes:

50 new/updated SNDH files (72 tunes).

Fellow PHFer gwEm gave me a shot of motivation, spurring me into a compiling blitz, resulting in a much needed SNDH pack.

The pack mainly focuses on music released over the past 10 months. A few fixes are also included rectifying missing subtunes and bugged replayers.

As usual I've added a rarity, this time another Mad Max digi conversion :- Hubbard's International Karate (it gets funky at 3:42)

Also thanks to ggn for converting some XIA tunes easing my usual lone burden.

Remember if you'd like to comment, give bugs or suggest a tune you would like, please feel free to post to our forum.

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