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DHS.NU news article
SillyVenture 2k11 news October 7th, 2011
Grey of Mystic Bytes writes:

Dear Atari Sceners!

It's just a little over one month until the biggest international ATARI-only event in Poland! Feel free to join us for a four day party with guests from all over Europe, including: Finland, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech, England, France and Poland of course!

About 100 atarians want to attend SV2k11, which is surely a great result and proves that we are not a dead species yet. Moreover, it reminds us that the good old days of Easter parties held in Germany are not over. Apart from the impressive amount of attendees, there are many compo contributions planned for Atari all systems too (7 remote entries have already been sent!).

SV2k11 also offers:

- newspaper, radio and TV report done during the party
- free kegs of good quality beer for every visitor
- free T-shirts with SV2k11 logotype
- hummer h2 limousine trip to the Sopot city in the late evening
- many crazy competitions with funny prizes
- quake tournament on the networked Falcons !
- lotharek service (check his offer on
- visit from the frontman and founder of the legendary polish music band "KOMBI" - Mr Slawomir Losowski, who still uses an Atari ST in his studio! He comes to SV2k11 also to extend his ST with new hardware features! He will also sell his 3 CDs album with signatures

...and much, much more!

I just wouldn't like to disclose all secrects before SV2k11 :)

Just come and let me "entertain" You!

There's also some surprises left BEFORE the party, so check the DHS.NU website more often in the next week(s) :)

And most important - please keep in mind that remote entries are allowed! If You cannot join us at SV2k11 - send Your entry for any competition on the following e-mail addresses:

Thank You for help in making SV a great Atari event!

See You in Gdansk/POLAND!

p.s. We are looking for music entries for ST and Falcon. If there are any musicians left and could contribute - please do it!

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