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DHS.NU news article
Falcon Sillyventure invite released September 20th, 2011
Grey of Mystic Bytes write:

MSB strikes back with an SV2k11 invitro for F030!

"Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again" - Do You remember this legendary song from back in the 80s? It fits perfectly in with the main vibe of the SillyVenture 2k11 party in Poland. We want to put some life into the Falcon's wings and let him fly high again!

During four days of partying, from 10th to 13th day of November 2011, we will celebrate the upcoming 20th birthday of the Falcon. Nothing can capture the great times of the Falcon's birth. Magic moments and magic feelings. For this occassion there's some Silly accents coming up.

Greetings to all Falconiers left. Never lose the faith! Come to SV2k11 and save the cool bird! Please keep in mind that remote entries are welcome too. In case of only 1 entry in any category, the prize meant for the 1st place will be given automaticaly to the single contributor.

The current compo prizes list is as follows:

1 pc of Atari 1040 STe from Sqward
1 pc of Atari 1040 STFM from Duddie
1 pc of Atari 130 XE with floppy-drive from Duddie
2 pcs of "Sic!" cart (2Mbit) for Atari XL/XE from Stryker
1 pc of SD Floppy Emulator for Atari ST/STe from Lotharek
1 pc of USB Floppy Emulator for Atari ST/STe from Lotharek
1 pc of Sio2sd in casing for Atari XL/XE from Lotharek
1 pc of Netusbee Network Card for Atari ST/Falcon from Zaxon
1 pc of SIDE built-in flashcart for Atari XL/XE from Zaxon
1 pc of Robinson's Requiem CD for Atari Falcon from Nick Harlow
1 pc of Robinson's Requiem CD for Atari Jaguar from Songbird Productions
1 or 2 pcs of games from Reboot for Atari Jaguar
Few pcs of legendary games cartridges for Atari XL/XE from Nosty

...and the list is still growing!

Here comes the short note about prepared attractions for every SV2k11 visitor:

- kegs of polish beer arranged for all SV2k11 visitors (of course FOR FREE and NO LIMITS !)

- take a ride in a Hummer H2 limousine and discover 3city at night ! (video-clips from atari demos displayed inside on the LED screens and free champagne)

- special SV2k11 t-shirt for free!

- radio, TV and newspaper reports

Already almost 90 atarians from all over the europe have signed up to the list of potential attendees.

For more party details please visit the official SV2k11 website: or get in touch with organizer -

See You in Gdansk / POLAND!

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