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DHS.NU news article
New tech-demo from Paulo Simoes May 9th, 2011
Paulo Simoes has released a small music screen with his latest optimized soundrouts called 'Twelve'.

It's playing a 12-channel module on plain ST at nearly 11 kHz frequency while displaying VU-meters for all channels as well as an ocilloscope. On STe machines the replay uses the DMA sound for stereo and a bit higher frequency.

Additional infos from Paulo:
If you don't like the colors, you can change them by hacking the .tos file with any file editor:
- at offset $0E70 you can change the Scope beam color;
- at offsets $105A/5E/62/66/6A/6E/72/76/7A/7E/82/86, you can change the 12 individual V.U. colors;

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