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Sommarhack 2020
Sommarhack 2020 is cancelled in it's normal format. We're moving it online and will stream competitions as well as other Atari programmes during July 4 evening.
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DHS.NU news article
Mystic Bytes updates Duke 3D December 25th, 2006
MiKRO of Mystic Bytes writes:
Hello 060-guys :)

I've found some while to bugfix duke, so here you are. The most important change is you don't have to rewrite cfg file anymore (for correct sound mixing rate), just choose the one in configuration program. Another thing is ikbd handler, mouse is now working for about 90% and it's more stable.

Enjoy the xmas with duke :)

p.s. i'd like to ask you ppl, do you find another ports reallych _such_ important for ct60? there's a possibility (except SDL things) to port let's say Hexen II or Descent (I, maybe II) but it takes a lot of time... i'd be happy to read your opinion on this topic in bbs board here at dhs... i'd like to code another (less boring :) stuff but in case 90% of ct60 users want new ports, i can change my mind :)

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