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DHS.NU news article
Atari ST MOD compo February 23rd, 2010
Yerzmyey of H-PRG writes:


Name of the party: "Atari Headquarters"
Time of the party: 9-11 April 2010.
If the Krakow city is near to You - then just come. :)

Well, we think that Atari ST should not be forgotten.

So there will be a standard 4-chnls MOD compo for Atari ST, on the party. (YM / AY chip, no STe!!).
Compo-machine: Atari 520 STfm 1Mb.

You can send any of Your old MODs but only not-published before ones.

Music can be played from two programs:

DigiComposer and
ProTracker ST

Seems like DigiComposer doesn't read "jump to pattern" command.
Seems like ProTracker ST doesn't read "tremolo" command.

The best would be a MOD about 200Kb or smaller.
You can make MODs up to about 380Kb, I suspect, but REMEMBER that ONLY ProTracker ST can play such big MODs (well, no "tremolo" command then, but there's still a possibility to make a twice faster MOD to achieve the tremolo/quaver effect).

You can make Your MOD on any machine but PLEASE TEST YOUR MOD on Atari ST (or emul) on both trackers before sending it to me and check out if everything's
Pick up some tracker and INFORM ME about what editor You chosen.

Send Your MODs to: yerzmyey AT
DEADLINE is: 7 April 2010.

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