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DHS.NU news article
VBCC 0.9a released October 19th, 2009
phx writes:

The new release of the portable and retargetable ISO-C compiler vbcc 0.9a is available for MiNT.
The binary package contains compilers for PPC, M68k/32-bit and M68k/16-bit. Targets for MiNT, TOS (16-bit), AmigaOS and MorphOS are available for easy cross-compiling.
The M68k assembler in the distribution is nearly 100% Devpac compatible and supports any kind of code optimization (much more than Devpac). It outputs several object file formats. Among them: TOS executables (so no linker run is required).
The linker supports nearly 20 object- and output file formats, which may also be mixed. It supports output for TOS, MiNT/a.out and Jaguar(a.out).
vbcc is easy to install and light-weight (the binary archive for MiNT with everything mentioned above is just 2MB), nevertheless it can generate highly optimized code.

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