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DHS.NU news article
New Atari crew born May 24th, 2009
Morden of Reboot writes:

"reboot" is a new group consiting of four individuals, coming together to create new software for the Atari Jaguar, ST and Falcon.

We have loads of enthusiasm, and lots of project ideas for future titles, so please stay tuned into our website.

For starters, we have a preview video of our upcoming Jaguar game. The footage was shot roughly 3 days into development, so we expect it to improve vastly
(especially when our artist gets to work on it!)

Once completed we will be releasing full source code, and also hopefully porting it to the Falcon and then the Atari ST.

Please, come and visit our site. Many thanks to for the domain registration, and to D-Bug for kindly donating us web hosting.

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