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Sommarhack 2020
Sommarhack 2020 is cancelled in it's normal format. We're moving it online and will stream competitions as well as other Atari programmes during July 4 evening.
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DHS.NU news article
The fnal D-Bug menu disk May 21st, 2009
D-Bug team writes:

On the glorious day of the 21st of May, 2009, otherwise known as Outline 2009, we (the management) have released the long-awaited final D-Bug CD to be issued.

But! Being the sneaky D-Buggers we always were, things are going to be different for this, our final voyage into menu land. Less than 30 disks have been produced, and they have been issued to a few select people via mail and Outline. The image for CD200 will not be hosted online by us for quite a while (if ever). Yes thats right, if you want it you will have to get it the old fashioned way - via the postal service! So eagerly await that jiffy bag hitting the doormat one morning in the future!

We ask that if you do receive one you do not make it available for download anywhere, but that you pass it along to someone via mail.

We will be opening a thread on our forum for you to post images of the parcels you receive (please photoshop your address out!) - on request we can even tell you which of the master copies your copy was reproduced from.

So, what is on CD200 I hear you ask? Well, for starters its a tad larger than our normal 820k disks.... as it is a CD-ROM containing

* CD200 Ninja Remix (F30 Amiga TFMX), Jim Power, Robbo, LethalXS Beta, Substation - All HD installable and F30 fixed (Except LXSBeta!)
* All D-Bug menus released to date.
* All patches released by us over the last few years, and several new ones that we have not put online.
* The latest build of ULS3 along with supporting documentation and example files.
* Content from our website.

To everyone active in the Atari scene - we salute you!

Cyrano Jones / Showaddywaddy / GGN / Melcus / Dubmood

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