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Silly Venture 2019
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DHS.NU news article
Outline ticket sales March 26th, 2009
Havoc of Lineout writes:

Outline ticket are on sale now, payment details can be found here:

Also, it's now possible to register for the party online on this page:

Please note that only a prepaid ticket will give you guaranteed access to the party. The registration page will be updated once your payment has
been processed, this can take upto a week after we receive your payment.

Last year Outline had 103 visitors, this year we have 100 beds available. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to buy tickets in the presales

The Outline organising team is looking forward to seeing you in Eersel!

Additionaly Skrebbel writes:

Outline opens ticket sales and registration! Please take some time to sign up on the site, so that everybody can see how nice and busy it'll be and so that we know how many people to expect! Additionally, ticket pre-sales are open again, against pretty much the same prices and options as
last year.

Just so you don't forget, you really should attend this year - all the great features of earlier years are present, such as beds, breakfast, countryside and a lot of demoscene! this year, we add to that a single, large (but not too large) partyhall, a great terrace, a large paying field and even sexier bar dudes!

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