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DHS.NU news article
Omega (!) releases lost Atari material December 30th, 2008
Haq of Omega writes (ripped from his Pouet.Net description):

20 years ago the Omega demo was released. This was Omegas first release.
This was not the prettiest demo around but technically advanced for its time.
The demo was very rushed and quite buggy as we wanted to release it at the Sync Convention, the first convention we visited.
The demo is not that well known and got overshadowed by the Union Demo that was released the month after.

To celebrate the Omega demo we decided to release some old mostly unreleased work.

This is not a demo in the ordinary sense but a collection of demoscreens. Many incomplete.
In fact the only demo with sound is the demo we won the demo competition with at the Mega Leif Convention.
Back then we didn't think that that demo was good enough to release but it has been requested.
We hope your expectations of this mythical demo is not too high :)
There is also a demo showing a game we developed called Eutanasia as well as a bunch of pictures from RED.

These disks were compiled sometime in the summer/fall of 92 and sent to Atari in a try to impress them into contract with us somehow.
This was when the Falcon030 was about to be released.
I don't remember exactly what happened but we became official Falcon developers and had a Falcon pretty early.
XiTEC was a company owned by HAQ and TFE of Omega.

You can read more about the Omega demo as well as the stuff on these disks in the readme file.

Omega releases these disks as a historical document, hope you will enjoy or find them interesting.

Yes you read it right, their missing winner demo from possibly the biggest Atari demo party ever is finally released (disk 1 ste/show.prg):-)
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