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DHS.NU news article
maxYMiser v1.24 (520 version) released October 13th, 2008
gwEm of PHF writes:

Some North American chip musicians complained they can only find 520 machine in their countries. Also, I knew NTSC support could have
been done better. To address this I present a 'North American Special Edition' of maxYMiser Live. It seemed appropriate to release
this version on Columbus Day - a holiday thoughout North America.

It include improved NTSC support, and support for ancient 520 machines.

To support 520 machine I had to remove some stuff in the 520 version *only*:

- ice pack/depack - anything sample related
- microwire
- the nice STSurviour start screen

I also:

- reduced number of SID waveform and syncbuzzer steps in the 520 version
- added new more informative disk error messages

Furthermore a removed two mallocs from the replayer - your memory management /might/ be a bit better with DMA music now.

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