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DHS.NU news article
Paradize releases Outline 2007 slideshow November 10th, 2007
Simon Sunnyboy / Paradize writes:

Today Paradize releases a delayed production, the "Outline 2007 Slideshow". A production exclusively for the Atari Falcon 030.

This is is just a small "Thank you" production aimed at the Outline organizers for organizing such a cool party. My little set of party photos can be seen with small comments in TrueColor graphics with some digi music playing.

Originally I started to work on this right after the Outline 2007 party. However finishing my studies had
priority so I finished the release only of today. Once I had planned to use a real CPU heavy chiptune but it prooved to be too heavy on CPU in the end. So you only get DSP played digimusic by LHS at this time.

Just to make sure, we don't end up with no real after-party releases this time :)

And don't forget: STay cool, STay Atari /|!

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