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DHS.NU news article
D-Bug #197 May 30th, 2007
Showaddywaddy of D-Bug writes:

D-Bug unleashes onto the internet: Menu 197! While a version was released at Outline 2007 to the assembled folks, this is the final build of the menu, complete and ready to be written to floppies everywhere. What's on it? Well, it's a long time favourite and classic game, that surprisingly was never put on a menu (obviously because it doesn't fit on one disk without missing bits out.... *cough* no names *cough*)

Yes, it's Gauntlet II! And as usual, you will find it ST/STe/MegaST/MegaSTE/Falcon Hard Disk compatible/8-16Mhz and also this time, trained with extra health for those of you not brave enough to fight the dragon!

This disk also features two new and exclusive tunes composed for us by new D-Bugger, Dubmood. Expect a lot more fantastic YM noises from us in future releases.

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