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Sommarhack 2020
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Dreamhack October 31st, 1998
Is a total flop creativity wise. They speak about 1500 paying people, and I bet 1450 of those play quake all the time. The net is sort of a flop as well.. Not enough ip numbers, goin up/down like yoyo (esp daytime) and quite slow. And Atariwise there isn't anything to mention, a few irc ppl met up but that's about it. Maybe (probably not) we'll show some falcdemos on the bigscreen. The security team chasing drunk finnish kids in the sleeping room (naturally they HAD to hide in that little corner where I decided to nap..) makes it near impossible to sleep. Overcrowded showers. Tables packed too tight and people running in the tight "corridors" between the tables constantly.

Positive sides are the quite good air (it's a huge room, about 30 meters ceiling height) and few heroes actually doing something (mainly amiga it seems..). We'll see, probably one more atari release before it's ended..
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