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DHS.NU news article
Parties ended August 10th, 1998
Thanks to Grey we now have a few titles to download from QuaST party. It's two larger falcondemos, one ST intro, and one 4k intro for the falcon. The new Mystic Bytes demo requires every bit of memory your 14-meg falcon can bring. You even have to shut off hd-caches to be able to run it, also be sure you start from the lowest possible resolution (640*200 1 colour). Expect this to be the first in a new flow of 14-meg demos. It's time even we atarians get a little upgrade, it has been 4 meg since 1992 now.

Apart from this, Wildfire and Mind Design withdraw their entries for QuaST, why? Don't ask me.. Winner of the 24bit gfx compo is mOd from .tSCc. as already seen at the bulletin board.
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