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DHS.NU news article
New game from Omikronman July 27th, 1998
Omikronman writes:

Enemywar is a board-game wich looks a bit like chess, but it's more a science-fiction-game wich has very different rules and a very different gameplay. It's a two-player-game:

First, both players buy different spaceships to reach the other players space station or to kill all enemy ships. A spaceship has 'main-power' to attack another ship and 'defense power' to repulse the enemies force. The ship wich has not enough energy gets lost. The ships vary in the moves they can do, in the energies they have and in there price. To make the game more interesting, some special things may happen:

If you get a tank-field, your ship get's a random amount of extra main power. Note that your ship can be filled up with 300 % main power or more if you like! But remember that your ship's defense-power didn't change and the other player may be able to kill your ship as easily as before.

Sometimes asteroids fall down on the board and make it more and more difficulty for your ships to find the right way to the other players space station as you can't kill a asteroid with a standard ship. To kill a asteroid, you can use the asteroid-destroyer. At the beginning of the game, each player gets one of this ships free of charge, but you can buy some more of them if you like.

At the beginning of the game, you get a tank ship too. If you want to fill up one of your other ships with extra-main-power, simply move the tank-ship on it! You'll be able to buy some more tank ships if you like.

A nice ghost-effect may appear on the screen and perhaps you wonder what happens...

Well, the board has a size of 16 x 10 fields. The space station of the players are on the very left and the very right of the board. The space stations are not moveable.

The game contains a lot of nice sound samples. The title picture and the winners pictures are all done by Michael Friedl, all codings, design of the board and the spaceships are done by myself, Markus Binder, called [Omikronman].

The game is at 95 % finished. I now wait for some more pictures by Michael Friedl. If he's ready with this, I will put the pictures to the game and make some more sounds or music. I hope Michael will be able to make the pictures very soon as I'm waiting for a lot of weeks now...


- Markus -

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