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Sommarhack 2020 July 9th, 2020
A few days past Sommarhack, it's time to sum up the good, the bad and the ugly.

First of of all, I'd like to send a HUGE thanks to Daniel & Anders in New Beat and ET/DHS who showed up to help running the stream, without you it wouldn't have gone nearly as good, THANK YOU GUYS! <3

Secondly, mega thanks to Crazy Q/DHS and Damo/Reservoir Gods for their programming. We've got a lot of feedback on this and it was very appreciated. We couldn't have asked for better content. Crazy Q not only produced the concert, but also the background music and jingles for the entire stream. Love you guys!

Thirdly, thanks a lot to everyone who supported the party with entries to the competitions - you showed that we can break the monotony of Covid-19 isolation and do something productive. You all rock!

Atari Scene Quiz.. I had been working on this for quite a bit, trying to find questions that were not easy to Google (eg, not "who coded demo x"). By testing the quiz a few times, my understanding was that 10 minutes was way too much Google-time, so I shortened it to six minutes. In retrospect, that was a mistake, a lot of people had a hard time finishing. If we ever do this again, we'll test it on real subjects and be more generous with time.

During the stream we had some technical issues. I'm sure most noticed the big one just when the demos were about to start. Oh boy, great timing. Simply put, the stream froze and we couldn't tell where in the chain the error came from. Video splitters, video switches, video converters, video digitizers or video broadcasting software - everything looked to work OK individually. In the end it was neither of these. It was the %/&(/ PC acting up, the damn thing wouldn't even start up after a reboot. After some brainmelt and a cooler headed ET we managed to get it back up and finally the stream would resume. A 20 minute extra piss-pause.

When it was time to collect the votes, we had a few mails stating that e-mails with voting URL hadn't been sent to everyone. After investigating; we had sent the mail, but forgot to add the BCC-mail list. Huge apologies to those who sent in entries but weren't able to vote. That's a big screw-up from my side.

But in the end, the positive parts stand out. Great support in the compos and Atari creativity was flooding. We've learned a lot, and in case we need to exchange a live party for stream again (let's hope not) we know better how to prepare.

Check out the links below for all releases, both binary and video.

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