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DHS.NU news article
maxYMiser V1.39 High released February 28th, 2020
gwEm writes:

At the recent elite demoparty, Tathack, I was able to wrap up a new version of maxYMiser. This is mostly a bug fix release as you'll be able to see from the change log, however a global volume control has been added to the binary replayer.

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Nope, haven't tried yet, had issues to fix first, it's not on top of the priority list but i'll try when i can! I'll try to add that feature to a music disk

Hey YQN, did you succeed in having it working? :)

damn, posted by mistake before finishing my post!

move.l sndh_adr,a0
jsr 12(a0)

would play the tune at half the volume compared to
move.l sndh_adr,a0
jsr 8(a0)


anyway i'll try but that's great news!

Pardon me i'm n00b in assembly but the global volume feature is really something I wanted, thanks gw3m & dma-sc (was his request right?)

If i understand the manual correctly:

MUSIC +$C (binary replayer) = set d0.w 0->127 and branch here to set global vol

I would have to do:
move.l sndh_adr,a0
jsr 8(a0) ;play

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