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Sommarhack 2020
Sommarhack 2020 is cancelled in it's normal format. We're moving it online and will stream competitions as well as other Atari programmes during July 4 evening.
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DHS.NU news article
Mystic Bytes releases Fake No Morph December 22nd, 2019
For those with hungry Falcon 060 machines finally have some fodder for it. The Silly Venture 2019 winning Atari Falcon 060 demo called 'Fake No Morph' by Mystic Bytes was released today.

Featuring code from new Falcon coder 'Lion' (previously worked on the STe demo Rise Of The Blackstorm from 2017), graphics by Piesiu and mOOnie, 3D graphics by Pyo/Plastic, soundtrack created by Siatek, ASCII by ne7 and finally support by Grey.
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