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Sommarhack 2020
Sommarhack 2020 is cancelled in it's normal format. We're moving it online and will stream competitions as well as other Atari programmes during July 4 evening.
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DHS.NU news article
Atari.Org launches Falcdemos website January 16th, 2005
After a couple of years of talk and no action, Atari.Org has now published a rather large (but yet far from complete) collection of Falcon demos and intros.

Atari.Org is careful saying that the collection is still growing, but that they wanted it out for public once they were past three hundred demos/intros in the collection.

Looking around the files, one will find many common demos from the well known crews like Lazer, Avena and E.K.O. but also some lesser known ones. If you look carefully you'll find a very rare Carebears demo which is a conversion of their most famous Union demo screen - but in glorious Falcon overscan and with a cool house soundtrack.
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