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DHS.NU news article
Falcon platformer goes freeware April 2nd, 2005
People with a good memory might remember a platform game which was released in a demo just around the corner when the previews of 'Willies Adventures' were around. Blum, as the game is called didn't get much publicity thanks to the rather superior New Beat efforts.

Now, when most people have lost hope about seeing a full Willie, the authour of Blum, Sct / Trigon, presents the full game as freeware.

Sct says:
This .zip file contains 4 others archives. Unzipped all contained archives in one folder ( this game needs an Hard Drive ). Install the numerous patchs ( in the folder ), and enjoy.

Note : The different patchs aim at making the game easier, as it is VERY tough. I played it last week, and, even if it is really fun, it's a big challenge. So, if you aren't a core gamer in 'Run'n jump' games, you'd better playing the 'easy version' ( B_Easy.Prg, given in one patch ). In order to give you a comparision, I think that the difficulty level match Rick Dangerous's difficulty level.

Don't forget :
- You cannot kill monsters, except bosses.
- You can look up and down.
- Never forget to note passwords

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