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68k Inside 2024 May 28th, 2024
68k Inside party was held the past weekend.

While it was mostly Amiga releases (and one incredible Sinclair QL demo by our very own SMFX), there were a few for the ST as well.

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Psycho Hack 2024 April 13th, 2024
Last weekend the inaugural Psycho Hack party was held in Hull, England.

We were treated with a few demos, a game and even a new version of maxYMiser as mentioned in the previous new post by gwEm.

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maxYMiser FM v1.62 April 12th, 2024
gwEm writes: writes:

At the Psycho Hack demoparty in Hull last weekend I was able to work on some bug fixes and feature requests for maxYMiser. The main changes surround features for game developers. Its now possible to trigger YM and/or DMA sound effects via the replayer. Also, the replayer now allows realtime pattern switching during playback.

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GemTos 2024 February 10th, 2024
Manu writes:

GemTos convention that will take place on May 4 and 5, 2024 in France near Paris. A big gathering of Atari machines, from the ST to the Falcon, from the 2600 to the Jaguar and even VCS, 2600+, Gamestation pro, 400... Network games (Midimaze, Lotus with 4 players), Soft,and lots of prizes to be won :-)

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SNDH 2024 released January 1st, 2024
In February last year we made our final release of the SNDH version upgrades. It became clear that waiting to clear the que of rips and fixes to do delayed released by years.

From 2024 and onward, we'll release an updated archive early each year, no matter what's in the pipeline.

There are 5589 SNDH files with a total of 11371 tunes.
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