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Showing news from 2023-01-01 to 2023-12-31
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Sommarhack 2023 releases July 23rd, 2023
All of the Sommarhack 2023 releases are now available to download and enjoy.
There are in total 37 entries of which 15 are demos, intros or games.

We would like to thank all our visitors, sponsors and contributors, you all rule!

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Dune planning a new game July 23rd, 2023
A few days ago Dune released a teaser video of a new Galaga inspired game for the Jaguar machine called Jalaga.

Unexepcted and fun (yes, the editor here is a big Galaga fan :))!
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SNDH archive 4.8 released February 5th, 2023
Grazey of PHF writes:

Well 5 years late, but finally the latest (and last) SNDH update is ready. It was way back on 6th January 2018 when v4.7 was unleashed. This release features over 700 new or updated SNDH files amounting to over 1600 tunes. Highlights for this final outing include: 0913 tunes by Ultrasyd, the resurgence of Jess and your usual batch of quirky obscure curiosities. We have also updated the web-site, so from now on new SNDH’s will be available immediately. For more info please read the SNDH 4.8 read me document and the SNDH blog. Ohhhhh and there’s a tasty intro with this release from PHF – KUA – Sector 1 – Loud!


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